A no nonsense kind of Dragon, he is the epitome of the Baralaq elite, physically intimidating, cunning and extremely dangerous in any type of altercation. His cynicism is born of great pain and is 1 part of his lifetime punishment. Despite all this Ingad implicitly trusts civilian to protect him. Why?

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Review – A.S.K Cats

Armoured Science Kung Fu Cats By Tom Caffrey Edited by Nate Odger This all-ages superhero comic is written, drawn and produced by Tom Caffrey and edited by Nate Odger and is a very fun-filled and easily read comic book.

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A Dragon’s Missive

Welcome to Argentium Comics, the birthplace of my creator owned property ‘Kings of Braelor’. In this blog post I’ll explore the land, the Cultures and some of the Geo-Political issues you can expect in The Five Mighty Dragon Kingdoms. BRAELOR, is a continent raised several hundred meters in the air making it almost impossible to […]

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